Sonnenrausch is a project by the German musician and composer Arndt Pischke, who grew up in Düsseldorf in the 1970s, the decade in which electronic pop music was born. Starting with an education in classical guitar at the age of 6, his stylistic spectrum developed in the direction of rock, blues and jazz with local formations in Düsseldorf. During his school days one heard, among other things, records from Kraftwerk, La Düsseldorf and Neu !, whose style was completely new and exotic for the budding guitarist. Hidden for a long time, the influences of electronic music at that time are now paired with the other stylistic elements of his previous career in the form of Sonnenrausch.

It is difficult to classify his music here in known genres, but is most likely to be seen in the directions of chillout and lounge. The musical ideas for Sonnenrausch go back to 2013 and the following years, which were sketched out at the time. Since 2021, these compositions will be gradually completed, finally recorded and published.

The name Sonnenrausch is based on the fact that the sun influences our lives in immeasurable dimensions. Our mood is centrally related to the visibility of the sun and puts us in an intoxicating, brightening, good mood. In contrast, a cloudy sky with rain brings an equally gloomy mood for us humans. Sonnenrausch’s music tries to capture moods in both directions, to accompany them and to entice people to listen to the tunes in every situation in life.

Sitze im Regen (2023)

Sonnenrausch (2022)

Sonnenrausch (2021)

Berlin At Sunrise-Sonnenrausch-2021